Texideas Duvet

With more than 20 varieties of natural filling duvets and synthetic fibre duvets on offer ranging from light 1 tog to extra warm 15 tog duvets,

our expertise and extensive selection are a winning combination for the perfect night’s sleep.

Tog ratings

Main Duvet Fillings


A cosy, light choice made with fluffy feathers collected from the breast area of the bird. 

Heavier than down but less expensive, the feathers are larger and more substantial.  

Feathers & down
Stronger feathers with delicate down for a balance of weight and warmth.           


Hollow fibre
Each individual fibre is hollow for a more effective way to trap more warmth. Hollow fibre can be used to create any tog rating with less weight than natural fillings. 

A high quality extra fine fibre used in many duvets to replicate luxurious natural down, microfibre duvets are beautifully warm but still lighter than feather fillings.